Where Are the Global Leaders and Innovators of the Future?

AVT Reliability is concerned that there will soon be a lack of high calibre industry business development managers and engineers in the future. AVTPUMP has been operating successfully for over 40 years with a growth strategy based on sound objectives to provide sustainability, so offering a balance in ambition and career progression.

It is imperative that, particularly in the UK, the present Business Development Managers & Engineers resource growth, as well as providing the mentoring and knowledge transfers to the next generation. However, there does seem to be a lack of high calibre resources and depth of skills, which were so richly abundant in the past. The fear is that even with a highly proactive approach and significant investment, results will be hard to deliver in the short to medium term.

Whilst it appears the government has been trying to tackle this challenge with past initiatives and others being considered for the future, it is a challenge that the UK must meet full on if indeed we are to produce the global leaders and innovators of the future.