Pumps for Pharmaceutical Applications


When supplying pumps for challenging Pharmaceutical applications, specialist knowledge is required. We need to make sure that you are getting the right pump for the job.

As one of the largest independent pump specialists in the UK, we trade with many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), so you can have every confidence that we will only recommend and supply the pumps that are most suitable for your application.


Pharmaceutical Pump Requirements:

  • Optimal performance
  • Total energy efficiency
  • Ultimate reliability

Pumps are needed in all areas of the pharmaceutical industry from processing, unloading, dosing, mixing and the transfer of ingredients through to the final product. It may involve metering active ingredients into a solution, mixing ingredients together, coating tablets or transferring medicines to the machine that fills the bottles.


Specialist Pharmaceutical Applications

Specialist considerations are often needed to overcome significant challenges posed by the specific application.


  • Hygiene

Pharmaceutical production requires absolute hygiene so the possibility of cross-contamination in batches can be completely ruled out. Pumps need to be made of materials such as polished stainless steel and internal surfaces must be smooth to prevent any build-up of bacteria.


  • Handling fragile media

Pharmaceutical pumps must also have the ability to handle extremely fragile media such as living cells where delicate handling is necessary in the form of low-shear pumping.


  • Absolute precision for dosing and metering

Pumps for dosing and metering applications are often requested and these can be for use during the production phase such as delivering specific quantities of materials into the process or for use at the point of packaging for the finished products. Typically, pumps that can maintain a steady output with low fluctuations in volume and pressure are required.


  • Difficult and volatile materials

The materials pumped in a Pharmaceutical setting can be abrasive, corrosive or viscous and may be sensitive to heat.


You need complete assurance that your production lives up to the strictest requirements and the highest quality levels. Pumps do not operate in isolation and so it is important that the whole system is optimised to ensure complete peace of mind.

Here at AVTPUMP, we supply, install, repair and maintain Pharmaceutical pumps and we pride ourselves on the substantial expertise and knowledge our team possess in this industry.

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