Edwards Vacuum Pumps – A Leader In Vacuum Pump Innovation For Over 100 Years


Edwards is recognised as a global industry leader of vacuum and abatement, always pushing the boundaries of science to deliver innovative products. As a responsible provider, Edwards work to ensure sustainability without forgoing operational performance.

AVTPUMP is proud to be an official Authorised Service Provider (ASP) for Edwards in the UK, with vacuum pumps from Edwards delivering optimum performance and maximum uptime.

Market Sectors

Vacuum pumps are required in a range of diverse sectors from the generation of power to the production of steel and in the most challenging environments of space simulation and high-energy physics research. Edwards pumps are also used in the chemical, industrial and food processing industries as well as in research and development applications.

A History Dating Back 100 Years

Edwards has a rich heritage, which dates back more than 100 years and is now part of the Atlas Copco Group, a Sweden-based provider of industrial productivity solutions. Their story has been one of constant innovation and progression, which all goes hand in hand with helping clients optimise processes in industrial, pharmaceutical, chemical, scientific, food processing and power generation applications.

Power Generation

Edwards was at the forefront of developing equipment for early power stations and this has provided the platform for their leading market position. Today, Edwards manufactures sophisticated vacuum systems for thermal, nuclear and solar-powered power plants. The pumps are designed to comply with global and industry standards with packages that can be customised to specific applications.

Industrial Solutions

Innovative technologies have helped advance the use of vacuum pumps for industrial applications, which lowers capital costs, improves efficiency and reduces the impact on the environment.

A Large Product Range From Edwards

The range of products from Edwards is vast and includes industrial, chemical, and semiconductor dry pumps as well as liquid ring, oil sealed, mechanical booster turbo-molecular and ultra high vacuum pumps.

AVTPUMP and Edwards

Here at AVTPUMP, we have a long history as partners with this global pump manufacturer, and employ Edwards trained engineers across our various sites. This means we can offer you all the local support you need from our workshop locations whether its pump supply, servicing, repair or maintenance of your Edwards vacuum pumps.

What To Do Next

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Edwards vacuum pumps, please call us on 03303 322101. With such a wide range of pumps available, call on our expert guidance to select the right pump for your application.