Pumps that can stand up to the rigours of the paper and pulp industry.


The paper and pulp industry is renowned for its stringent demands and challenges with regard to its pumping requirements. With plants operating around the clock, any pump downtime can become costly, therefore reliability and performance are of the highest importance.

With high volumes of water passing through, aggressive chemicals, slurries and sludges, the pumps suitable for a paper and pulp application need to be resistant to abrasive and corrosive products and have high suction capabilities. Strict regulations are in place to ensure the treatment, management and pumping of water is carried out in accordance with guidelines.

With high energy costs, chemical costs and stringent environmental regulations in place, the necessity to recover chemicals from the paper and pulp making process has become vital to the industry.

Through the Kraft pulping process, the fifth most important renewable bio-fuels in the world is derived making the improvement of chemical and energy recovery a critical economic factor in Kraft pulp mill operation.

To maximise steam and power production, capacity, reduce recirculating chemical dead loads and minimise chemical losses wherever possible you require pumps that can stand up to the rigours of the industry and perform reliably.

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