HMD product upgrade announcement: Do you have a HMD CS pump?

HMD product upgrade announcement

Do you have a HMD CS pump?


HMD Sealless Pumps have announced a significant upgrade path for their CS Pump. An improved torque ring design and construction has now replaced the original and highly successful, outer magnet ring design seen on the original product.

When first released, the CS pump and its unique torque ring (retrofittable outer magnet ring) design brought added benefits to the Chemical industry with its ability to operate without cooling fluids or heat exchangers eliminating the requirement to isolate the pump from the heat source in a hot oil system.


Product development and improvement is an important aspect of pump manufacture, ensuring that existing products not just new ones, benefit from exciting innovations in materials and construction techniques.


It is this intrinsic principle of innovation, design and improvement at the core of both HMD and AVTPUMP, that drives the continuous development of core products. As a result, the CS Pump is the latest in a long line of pumps to see a design upgrade that brings extensive improvements and increased reliability.


The upgrade has eliminated use of tie bolts in the retention of the magnets and the new shielded magnets provide improved cyclic thermal duty. The Samarian-cobolt magnets are a type of rare earth, strong permanent magnet equal in strength to historical neodymium magnets, but with higher temperature ratings and higher coercivity providing unparalleled resistance in corrosive applications.


The upgraded outer magnet ring will come as standard on essential replacement of parts but why wait, you can benefit from this upgrade at any time bringing increased efficiency and reliability to your application quickly and simply, without compromising on performance.


To find out more about this CS pump upgrade and how you can upgrade your existing CS pump, contact the AVTPUMP team on 03303 322 101 or email