45 pumps arrive at AVTPUMP for refurbishment


This is just a small selection of the 45 pumps that were sent to AVTPUMP for full inspection, overhaul and fitting of all new AESSEAL mechanical seals and LabTecta®  bearing isolators during a tight shutdown period.

AESSEAL mechanical seals are used in a wide range of pumps and rotating equipment worldwide to prevent liquids and gases escaping into the environment. The AESSEAL® range of seals, seal support systems and bearing protectors are all designed to improve pump reliability and reduce maintenance costs.

The LabTecta® product range is an advanced labyrinth design that offers ingress protection of IP66 as standard and up to IP69K (with the LabTecta OP). The design is non-contacting and does not wear the machinery shaft. The advance labyrinth design allows the bearing housing to breath out when the shaft is rotating but seals when the shaft stops.

With thorough overhaul and ongoing servicing, maintenance and monitoring we can restore and revive your rotating equipment. Through root cause analysis, process reviews, component upgrades and installing ongoing monitoring reliability tools such as the MSF-01. (Machine Sentry Fixed) we can extend the life of the pump, improve its efficiency and ensure its reliability.

We operate from extensive facilities staffed by fully trained and experienced technicians, engineers and support staff, dedicated to service excellence. Best practice is assured as we are certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Standard), complete ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Standards and operate OHSAS 18001 standards (Occupational Health and Safety).