Team in Focus – Neil Burtoft

AVTPUMP is built upon solid foundations of trust, integrity and teamwork. It is through the hard work and dedication of our people that we can provide outstanding service and support to our customers.

This month our team member in focus is Neil Burtoft our UK Technical Manager. Neil has been working with us since June 2019 and has quickly become an asset to the team using his extensive knowledge to provide technical support and training to customers and the wider AVTPUMP team.



We took the opportunity to talk to Neil and find out about his role and what drives him to achieve.

What made you decide to apply for the position at UK Technical Manager at AVTPUMP?
AVTPUMP is a forward thinking company with an excellent team approach and work ethic. I was aware of the company and its excellent reputation in the marketplace.

How has your role changed or developed over the time you have worked at AVTPUMP?
I am now getting more involved in other areas of the business and feel like a valued part of the team. I regularly get calls from team members asking for help and I myself ask others opinion and advice when the need arises. It is great that we can rely on each other in this way and truly work as a team.

What do you hope to achieve in your long term career at AVTPUMP?
To deliver exceptional customer service.
Help to deliver efficiency gains and technical improvements through technological innovation and training. To mentor and coach others to improve as well as increasing my own knowledge and experience.

Can you take me through a typical day at work – what do you do?
No 2 days are the same,  I can be on a customer’s site looking at technical problems, or I could be assisting on projects and offering technical advice other days I might be working in the workshops providing help, advice, training and support.

How do you provide technical training to colleagues in the AVTPUMP team?
AVTPUMP encourages a knowledge sharing culture, passing our experience and expertise on to other colleagues at every opportunity so we can all learn and improve. We use every opportunity to do this, when we are on a job looking at specific pump types or problems, when we are in the workshop providing advice from our previous experience or in team meetings collaborating on a project.

What skills do you feel you have learnt in this position?
I am getting more involved day to day with the general running of the business, this gives me a better understanding of how the business works, how my role fits in to the bigger picture and what is required to ensure AVTPUMP is a success.

What is the best thing about working at AVTPUMP?
Without doubt for me this is being part of a team. This is a hard working very knowledgeable team with a passion for delivering a high quality service and helping to support each other.

What do you feel is the most important aspect of the service AVTPUMP offers?
Customer service!!! Open relationships with honest communication, we work hard to give an honest assessment and provide the best possible solution at all times.

What are your fellow team members like to work with?
I get on well with everyone in team. We do have a good laugh when appropriate but only when the job is getting done to the highest possible standards.
Although I have only been in the team a relatively short time I do class some of my colleagues as genuine friends.

What would you say is your best achievement so far in your role at AVTPUMP?
Integrating into the team so quickly and gaining the teams trust so they feel that they can come to me for help and advice.

To get in touch with Neil and find out more about the technical support service available at AVTPUMP you can call 44 (0) 7395 286125, email or visit his LinkedIn profile.