KSB Stage pump

Even the smallest changes can make the biggest differences, as demonstrated to a food manufacturer who sent this KSB Stage pump into theย AVTPUMPย Warrington workshop.

On arrival of the pump, the team set to work with a full strip and assessment of the pump, finding evidence of mechanical seal leakage, bearing failure, damaged shaft sleeve and scoring to the backplate.

The pump was fitted with newย #Labtecta seals to protect the bearings and prevent extensive damage in future. These could be fitted over lip seal damage due to the unique design saving the cost of a new shaft or shaft repair. We were also able to recover and refurbish the backplate saving the customer additional replacement costs. With the workshop, RCA identifying product contamination in the mechanical seal an onsite review of the seal support system was carried out offering further support to extend the life of the pump.

Sending equipment to be stripped down and assessed with an RCA can help identify problem areas long before they cause costly catastrophic failures. Detailed assessment and reporting mean that those small changes recommended really can make the biggest difference.

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