Food & Beverage Industry Specialists

Pumps play a huge part in the manufacture of food & beverages. Typically, centrifugal pumps & positive displacement pumps such as progressing cavity pumps & rotary lobe pumps are selected.

Selecting the appropriate pump for the application can be influenced by a great number of factors including:

  • Viscosity of the liquid – positive displacement pumps are better suited to a more viscous liquid.
  • Shear sensitivity of the product – a high speed centrifugal pump could change the product consistency.
  • Whether the product will contain any solids such as fruit or abrasives such as sugar.
  • Temperature & pH of the product.

All of these questions & many more need to be asked before we even begin to consider pump design factors such as cleanability, (cleaned-in-place | steamed-in-place) serviceability & durability.

As industry specialists, we have the technical knowledge & practical experience to assist our customers in the selection of new or replacement pumps & the upgrade of pumps that are not performing effectively.

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