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Process Information:

Note: If variations in flow, pressure or viscosity are required it is assumed pump will require speed control and this
will be provided by means other than a frequency inverter.

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If CIP fluid data is unavailable we will base our offer on the assumption that the fluid is compatible with materials
offered and non-hazardous for area requested.

Hazard Classification

Required T Rating:

Ancillary Drive Information

If a complete motorised pump unit is required please complete the following:

Electrical Supply:

Note: Motor as standard will have IP55 protection with class ‘F’ insulation suitable for ambient temperatures of -20 to +40°C and altitudes below 1000 m. If different to this is required please advise:


Should hazard classifications be required other than those shown above, please advise:


Note: we are proceeding with your enquiry on the strict understanding that an authorised employee of the purchaser has completed this form in accordance with ATEX regulatory requirements.

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