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EnviroGear® is a global provider of innovative, industrial gear pumps for the safe and efficient transfer of high-value and hard-to-seal fluids.

The EnviroGear E Series pump is a magnetically coupled sealless internal gear pump featuring a revolutionary design with a patented between-the-bearing support system. As an innovative, durable and environmentally-friendly positive displacement pump, the E Series design effectively eliminates leaks and reduces mechanical wear, helping increase the safety of site personnel and the environment.

The EnviroGear G Series internal gear pump is a durable, flexible and efficient positive displacement gear pump that excels in challenging fluid-handling applications.

In particular, certain pumps within the EnviroGear range are very suited to bitumen and asphalt applications.  Their jacketing system provides a higher jacket surface area for improved system reliability, together with the facility to use a jacketed head and pressure relief valve at the same time so helping to reduce potential failures.