Mather + Platt

Mather + Platt was established in South Africa in 1954.  The company manufactures high head multi-stage pumps and single stage split casing pumps.  The PL/PJ range is designed for a wide range of high head duties with the pumps being of particularly robust construction, using the latest hydraulic design principles.

Mather + Platt Pumps are constructed of materials that ensure compatibility of the rotating and stationary wearing parts with high corrosion and erosion resistance characteristics, which makes them efficient, reliable and cost-effective to maintain.

The split casing pumps have been designed for all general industrial applications and are readily available for special applications involving corrosion, abrasion and high temperatures, and so can be used in steelworks, chemical plants and refineries.  Brands associated with Mather + Platt pumps also include Viking Gear pumps, Vanton chemical pumps and EIM submersible pumps.

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