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Sunflo produces industrial grade high-pressure pumps, which are versatile general service pumps for high-pressure water applications, including boiler feeds, NOx suppression, reverse osmosis, and high pressure wash down installations that are used in power generation, maritime, transportation and the food and beverage industries.

Sunflo pumps are the preferred choice for boiler-feed applications as they are specifically designed to generate sufficient pressure needed to overcome the steam pressure developed by boilers, making them ideally suited to transfer feed-water into steam drums and back from condensers in closed loop cycles.

These applications in hospitals, hotels, office complexes and universities need highly efficient, high-pressure pumps that can operate reliably but do not require API specifications, which is also true for boiler feed applications in chemical plants, manufacturing plants and some refineries.

Sunflo pumps are also well suited to address harsh chemicals used in boiler feed water applications. Featuring single stage design simplicity and a compact footprint, Sunflo integrally-geared pumps offer 316 stainless steel construction as a standard, with higher alloys available. Sunflo industrial grade pumps are also well suited for high-pressure applications in power, municipal, as well as food and beverage industries.