Pharmaceutical pumps – supply, servicing and repairs

When choosing pumps for pharmaceutical applications, a degree of specialist knowledge is required.  We are pleased to say that, here at AVTPUMP, we have a substantial amount of expertise and experience in this market.

Whilst there are many different applications within the pharmaceutical sector for pumps, we know that there are also some particular requirements.  Also there are specific standards, such as 3-A and EHEDGE that many pumps utilised have to comply with.

Requirements of note within the pharmaceutical manufacturing field include the need for a high level of hygiene, in some cases absolute, and the ability to handle very fragile media, such as living cells.

We are also often asked to provide pumps for dosing and metering applications.  These can either be during the production phase, delivering specific quantities of a material into the process, or at the point of packaging of the finished product.