Bitumen & Asphalt

Pumping asphalt and other bitumen based materials has its own set of challenges.  However, here at AVTPUMP, we are experienced with providing and servicing pumps for this application including advising and assisting with bad actors, that may be causing problems and loss of production within your facility.

In particular, some plants experience issues with mechanical seals / packing failures causing significant leakage of bitumen etc, plus high costs associated with loss of product, downtime, cleaning and environmental issues.  The cost of each failure and leakage can run into many thousands of pounds and there is often a short MTBF.

Pumps from the EnviroGear range are specifically designed to handle bitumen and asphalt applications with design features that make them highly fit for purpose.  The jacketing system of some pumps in the EnviroGear portfolio provide a higher jacket surface area for improved system reliability, together with the facility to use a jacketed head and pressure relief valve at the same time so helping to reduce potential failures.

For further information and to discuss your bitumen and asphalt applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.  In particular, if you are experiencing pump problems on your site, please challenge us to assist.