Chemical Pump Applications

The production of chemicals, in their various forms, means that there is always a lot of liquid and other materials to be pumped around a plant.  Whilst some of these are fairly nefarious, many of them, by their nature, are hazardous, present risks to health & safety or indeed are high value.

Whilst we at AVTPUMP have experience with pumps of all types, along with our pump supply partners, we have particular expertise.  This includes the provision and maintenance of sealless pumps, in their various forms, and, through our association with our parent company, AESSEAL®, high technology seal support systems, all geared to prevent any leaks of hazardous and valuable fluids.

Pump manufacturers of particular note, that we partner with, relevant to the chemical market include HMD Kontro Sealless Pumps, Ansimag, KSB, Chemquip all of whom produce Chemical-specific pumping ranges. The Magnetic Drive options provided by HMD, AnsiMag and Chemquip offer a metallic barrier to the atmosphere with the Mouvex pump offering an alternative Sealless technology for higher viscosity media. Utilising our parent company’s market-leading sealing technology all sealed pumps can be supplied fitted with IP69K bearing protection, single or double mechanical seals and support systems.