Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Pump Applications

The industry has very particular requirements and pumps are required to handle viscous, delicate and temperature sensitive ingredients and products. It is important that the pump is suitable for the liquid that needs to be pumped with an emphasis on maximising uptime and reducing costs for efficient production.

For CIP and SIP, contamination must be avoided at all costs. Pumps are also used in brewing processes and filling stations.

Pumps play a huge part in the manufacture of foodstuffs as well as beverages of all kinds as even the former includes a high proportion of liquids in its production.  Whilst there are obvious hygiene considerations, standards and legislation, to take into account, pumps need to perform in what is often a demanding application.

In addition to the foodstuffs and beverages themselves, liquids used in the manufacture, particularly for cooling and cleaning, can present particular challenges.  At AVTPUMP we not only offer pumps specifically for foodstuffs but also those designed to move liquids that are maybe more caustic and aggressive.

Whilst we work with all pump manufacturers, those in our portfolio that specialise in foodstuffs and beverages include: Mouvex, Fristam, KSB, Flowserve whilst those that offer pumps for cleaning and production fluids include HMD Kontro Sealless Pumps, Ansimag, Grundfos and Chemquip.