Power Generation

Power Generation Pump Applications

Pumps plus associated equipment and systems are widely used across power plants for applications such as fuel oil movements and for auxiliary purposes such as cooling and lubrication.  Also in R&D applications.  Many power plants will have more than 100 pumps on site performing a variety of different duties.

To compete with the latest renewable technologies traditional power plants need to improve efficiency, make cost savings and achieve performance improvements within their pumps and fluid handling systems.  Therefore, they should be regularly reviewed, maintained, optimised and evaluated, particularly because their numbers mean they have a significant influence on the operation and costs of running a plant.

A wide variety of different pump types are typically used within power plants, including examples such as scroll, rotary vane, diaphragm, dry vacuum etc, and these can be from a whole range of different pump brands.  At AVTPUMP we have experience and expertise in the vast majority of pump technologies and, as an independent provider, we can supply a wide range of pump services and maintenance options thanks to our good working relationships with the pump manufacturers.

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