Caprari Pumps

Caprari has over 70 year’s historical experience in the engineering, development and manufacture of pumps, supplying and installing in over 70 countries worldwide.  Caprari is one of the largest independent pump manufacturers in Italy.  Innovative solutions, sophisticated production technologies and the finest materials, along with decades of experience, help create products of high efficiency, with simple and cost effective maintenance and excellent ‘Life Cycle Costs’.

Caprari produces submersible pumps for the collection of water from deep wells into the aquifer and horizontal pumps for supplying the water system.  The pumps can be used for a range of applications including the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater through to the transport and transfer of purified water.

If you would like more information, please call our experts on +44(0)3303 322101 or email us for all your waste water & water treatment pump requirements.