HMD Kontro CS

Flows to: 400m³/hr / 1,760gpm

Heads to: 150m / 490ft

CS - Sealless Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump

Temperature: '-80°C - +450°C / -112°F - +850°F
Standard Materials: Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel

Features and Benefits
*Requires no cooling fluids or heat exchangers during operation.
*The pump is self-venting and the magnetic coupling is immersed in oil.
*Ideal for heat transfer liquids.
*One joint casing/containment shroud/shell.
*Fully confined to eliminate 'blowout' risk.
*Ideal for viscous start up.

AVTPUMP can supply, install, service and repair all HMD Kontro CS Pumps – contact us 

A sealless magnetic drive heat transfer pump for chemical services. The pump is simple to operate and maintain, cost effective to run and capable of operating up to 450F without cooling.

Standard construction is carbon steel with carbon internal bearings with options of stainless steel with graphite gaskets available. Various flange options are available as standard.

The pumps are supplied with a range of torque ring drives rated to match prime mover performance and hence all denominations can be catered for. 26 hydraulics are available.