Flows to: 62m³/hr / 440gpm

Heads to: 295m / 1400ft

GSPX - Magnetic Drive Multi-Stage Pump

Temperature: '-40°C - +260°C / -40°F - +500°F
Standard Materials: S-5, A-8
Industry Standards: API 685, BB5

Features and Benefits
*Multiple in-line stages in an end-suction configuration for compact package and ease of installation in plant.
*BB5 Barrel Style design with no tie bolts.
*Interchangeable components and commonality with the GSP pump range maximises convenience and reduces stock holding.
*Based on a proven Frame 2 Magnetic drive, it is available with 2 or 3 stages and 2 diffuser based hydraulic options.
*VapourView 'gas-in-liquid' detection and RTD temperature sensing.
*Conforms to API 685 for sealless pumps and relevant API 610 requirements.

AVTPUMP can supply, install, service and repair all HMD Kontro GSPX Pumps – contact us 

A multi-stage magnetic drive pump, built to API 685 specifications. It is suitable for petrochemical processing, petroleum production and refining, offshore and chemical processing applications.

It is available in 2 or 3 stages with 2 diffuser based hydraulic options. Standard materials of construction are S-5 and A-8 with other variations available on request.

The GSPX utilises proven magnet drive technology and produces higher differential pressure than single-stage sealless models.