HMD Kontro GT

Flows to: 30m³/hr / 163gpm

Heads to: 41m / 190ft

GT - Sealless Magnetic Drive General Transfer Pump

Temperature: '-40°C - +260°C / -40°F - +500°F
Standard Materials: 316 SS, Alloy 20, Alloy C
Industry Standards: ASME VIII

Features and Benefits
*Sealless design for total product containment.
*Low capital cost.
*All components are interchangeable and options exist to select ANSI standard or ISO standard fastners.
*Options include casing drains flanged or screwed, jacketed pump casing with a large range of paump protection.
*The unit is capable of handling solids up to 5% w/w with 150 microns.
*Standard construction is stainless steel with silicon carbide internal bearings.

AVTPUMP can supply, install, service and repair all HMD Kontro GT Pumps – contact us 

General transfer magnetic drive pump, which is ideal for general transfer applications within the chemical, pharmaceutical and refining industries.It is a small pump which is big on value and has been specifically designed as a compact, cost-effective and minimum maintenance pump.

The GT is sized below ASME/ISO dimensions and has a number of features making it one of the most highly competitive pumps in its class. It is simple to maintain, has a space-saving design and has a high degree of interchangeability.

The pumps are of close-coupled construction and can be supplied free-standing or baseplate-mounted. Prime mover specifications of all denominations can be catered for with a range of synchronous magnet drives rated to match.