Flows to: 206m³/hr / 1,145gpm

Heads to: 98m / 460ft

HPGS - Sealless Magnetic Drive High Pressure Pump

Temperature: '-40°C - +205°C / -40°F - +400°F
Standard Materials: 316 SS, Duplex SS

Features and Benefits
*Modular/interchangeable high efficiency wet end.
*Provides maximum flow/head coverage across all product ranges.
*Offered with a range of synchronous magnet drives rated to match prime mover performance.
*System pressures up to 185bar / 2680psi.
*Standard construcion is stainless steel with silicaon carbide internal bearings.
*Ideal sampling unit for densitometer applications.

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A sealless magnetic drive pump for high pressure applications and particularly suitable for applications in the chemical industry.

The pumps are used to check the density of fluids passing down a high-pressure pipeline. They are used on these skids to take a sample of the fluid out of the main product stream, which is then passed through the densitometer, which analyses the fluid which is then returned to the main pipeline.

The pump is available with 18 hydraulics.