HMD Kontro SPGS (Self-Priming)

Flows to: 45m³/hr / 200gpm

Heads to: 50m / 165ft

SPGS - Self-Priming Sealless Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump

Temperature: '-40°C - +120°C / -40°F - +248°F
Standard Materials: Stainless Steel

Features and Benefits
*Self-priming capability ensures the safe transfer of liquids.
*Increased efficiency liquid ends for lower running costs.
*Many compatible spares with other GS range pumps.
*Easy installation and simple to maintain onsite.
*Non-metallic ETFE lined pumps are available for corrosive liquids.
*5 hydraulics available.

AVTPUMP can supply, install, service and repair all HMD Kontro SPGS Self Priming Pumps – contact us 

A self-priming sealless magnetic centrifugal pump designed for reliable fluid transfer of liquids ranging from water to hazardous and toxic substances.

The pumps are particularly suitable for offloading liquids particularly when containment is crucial. The range is primarily designed for the emptying of sumps and road and rail tankers.

The product covers a hydraulic range that is split between 2 frame sizes, Frame 0 and Frame 1. Standard construction is stainless steel with silicon carbide internal bearings with options of Alloy 20 or Alloy C with PTFE gaskets available.