Machine Sentry

Performing an integral part of our portfolio, which allows us to advise on optimising the performance of your pumps and maximising process uptime and profitability is the AVT Machine Sentry®.

The Machine Sentry® predictive technology platform integrates a wide range of condition monitoring techniques as well as watchkeeping data into one easy to access database (fully inclusive of thermography, oil analysis, vibration, visual inspection, planned maintenance, process parameters and lubrication management). It provides the first fully integrated and effective Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) solution to industry today. This enables effective maintenance planning and reporting.

Utilising the power and accessibility of the internet through Wi-Fi and mobile networks, data can be easily acquired and accessed anywhere in the world from any web enabled device. Use of hazardous area certified Android tablets or smart phones, means Machine Sentry® can now be used in the harshest environments making it the most versatile, user friendly and cost effective solution for condition monitoring.

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