Eccentric Disc

Sealless Eccentric Disc pump models are designed to provide premium performance and the ultimate in containment and safety in chemical-processing applications.

During the manufacture and handling of dangerous chemicals, pumps play a crucial role as they either introduce raw materials into the production process or transfer end products for packaging, storage or shipping to end users.

For these types of transfer activities, mechanically sealed pumps are commonly used but sealless pump technologies are often the more effective choice if full containment of dangerous and valuable chemicals is an absolute must.  Eccentric Disk pumps are durable and safe and have no mechanical seals, packing, coupling or magnets for complete product containment, high suction and discharge pressures.

In addition, these sealless pump models feature a unique eccentric disc operating principle that allows air to be pumped, thereby enabling them to achieve product-recovery rates of up to 90% or more on the suction side and 60% to 80% on the discharge side of transfer lines.

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