Rotary Vane

Vane pumps are high performance and reliable pumps, which use a rotor with vanes located in slots, rotating inside an eccentrically shaped casing. As the rotor turns, the vanes move in and out of the slots.

The sliding vanes are often made of carbon and are noted for their ease of maintenance, dry priming, good suction characteristics and flexibility.

Vane pumps are suitable for: thinner liquids including gasoline and water, oils and other high viscosity liquids, clean liquids (no solids), thin and thick liquids.

They provide a good alternative to a gear pump for transferring oils and other viscous liquids. Due to their adaptability for different liquids, they are a good choice for terminals and truck loading/unloading where many types of liquids are handled.  Benefits include various vane configurations, vanes are easy to replace, simple to inspect and maintain, plus they can handle temperatures from -30°C to 260°C.

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