Easy-brace: The first off-the-shelf solution to vibration induced fatigue.

AVTPUMP’s sister Company AVT Reliability is proud to be the first company to bring to market a universal SBC (Small Bore Connection) bracing system that is designed to provide an effective and economical, permanent solution to vibration induced fatigue and the resulting pipework failure.

80% of all process pipework failures are attributed to vibration induced fatigue in the welded connections between SBC’s and main lines, the solution is to brace to SBC back to the parent pipe with high stiffness supports to provide restraint against movement across all planes but with the varying process pipework configurations and multiple application possibilities, a bespoke solution is usually the only answer.

Now, with the universal Easy-brace system it is no longer necessary to design a bespoke solution for each application, the Easy-brace can be configured on site and is guaranteed to fit all standard SBC geometries thanks to its full linear and angular adjustment capabilities.

With the added benefit of multiple configuration possibilities, Easy-brace can provide varying levels of vibration protection to match the application. A 2-arm configuration meets the Energy Institute (EI) Guidelines for bolted clamps and braces, known as a low risk (precautionary) installation, while the 3 and 4-arm configurations provide a medium and high risk protection respectively.

Easy-brace Features

  • Guaranteed to fit any standard SBC configuration
  • Bolted split clamp fixings eliminate welding requirements.
  • Supplied in kit form so is easily installed by non-specialist fitters.
  • Manufactured in Marine grade 316 stainless Steel
  • Utilises Nord-Lock anti-vibration washers
  • No need for routine maintenance
  • Easy removal for valve maintenance
  • Easy ordering with just 2-3 standard dimensions needed.